You don't need us to tell you that getting on your bike is a good idea,
you can do the maths for yourself.


"You don’t need us to tell you that getting on your bike is a good idea, you can do the maths for yourself. With the physical, financial & environmental benefits, you’ll soon find out Cycling really does add up!"

Welcome to Tax Free Bicycles, we are here to help you get the best out of the Government Cycling Initiative offering Tax Free Bikes for cycling to work. Using TaxFreeBicycles, your employer can help you obtain a brand new bike and safety equipment worth up to €1,250 for a normal bike and up to €1500 for an electric bike. See how much you can save with our handy Tax Savings Calculator.

Employee Benefits
  • Save between 29.5% and 49.5% off the price of the bike up to €1,250 for a normal bike and €1500 for an electric bike depending on which tax bracket you fall under.
  • The saving applies to all Pedal Bicycles, Electrically Assisted Bicycles and Safety Equipment/Accessories; it does not cover Motorbikes, Scooters or Mopeds.
  • Save on monthly fuel, parking, and public transport costs.
  • Get Fit – enjoy the health benefits of commuting to work. 16 mile commute equal 800 calories.
  • Beat the traffic; cycling is twice as fast as a car in commuter traffic.
  • Huge selection of brands available from our 300 bicycles shops.
  • Our shops have a large range of Safety Equipment, Accessories and Cycling Equipment to ensure you are safe and seen when cycling to work.
  • Receive expert advice on bike models, styles, size etc. to best suit your needs. All our shops listed are top in their field.
  • Order online from one of our suppliers and get your bike delivered to your door.

How does the process work?
  • Visit your chosen cycling shop from our list of bicycle stores and select your bike and accessories.
  • Obtain your written quote, follow your company’s policy and submit your quotation.
  • Your Employer will sanction your quote and TaxFreeBicycles will issue a secure voucher either directly to you or to the designated person within your company.(Usually a member of your HR Team)
  • Once you have received your voucher you can collect your bike without delay from your chosen shop, and away you go!