Workplace Visits

In our experience, talking directly to your employees helps us identify their needs so we can offer them the best products for their purpose.

Workplace Visits

“In our experience talking directly to your Employees helps us identify their needs so as we can offer them the best products for their purpose.”

TaxFreeBicycles will visit you in your workplace to promote and initiate the Cycle to Work scheme for you and your Employees ensuring that each gets a full and comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the scheme. Our aim is to give your Employees the confidence to get cycling, whether just to get to work or also as a form of exercise and recreation. The upshot for you is that your workforce will take fewer days sick, have higher energy levels and will reduce the number of cars in your car parks.

How it works
  • Employers and Employees will have a thorough understanding of how the scheme works and how they can benefit from it.
  • We can answer individual Employees’ questions and deal with any concerns or queries they may have in becoming involved in the Cycle to Work scheme.
  • We can showcase some of the bicycles that are available and recommended for the Cycle to Work scheme.
  • By taking the time to deal with individual questions, we will be better able to advise individuals as to which bike and accessories will cater to their needs as a cyclist and for their safety.
  • It is a convenient way to introduce the Cycle to Work scheme to your employees with minimal interruption to the working day.

TaxFreeBicycles takes the hassle out of the Cycle to Work scheme, for employers and employees. Taking part in the scheme will help you live a healthier lifestyle and save money on transportation/parking costs. TaxFreeBicycles will ensure that your chosen bike is of the highest quality and perfectly suited to your commute and your requirements as a cyclist.
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